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Medicare Comparison Guide

2024 Medicare Comparison Guide

Why choose Devoted Health? Because you get a Medicare Advantage plan that gives you everything you need to feel your best. Benefits you can actually use. 1 Our plans are designed to give you all the benefits you need. They include medical, plus lots of extras like dental, money for over-the-counter items, and more. Real monthly savings. 2The bonus to having the right benefits? You could save money on your healthcare costs every single month. And your money stays where it belongs—in your wallet. Member loved. 3Our service makes using your plan a snap. Our members know when they need help, our U.S.-based team is just a call away. 11

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      Start exploring your plan options Everyone’s health needs and budget are different. Our plans are designed to give you complete benefits starting at just $0 a month. Not all plan types may be available in your area, so call us to learn more. STARTING AT $0 $0 PLAN PREMIUM HMO plans Dual special needs plans With this plan, your primary If you’re on Medicare and care provider helps manage Medicaid, get even more all your care. FREE extras. STARTING AT $0 $0 PLAN PREMIUM PPO plans Chronic special needs plans This plan is all about flexibility. This plan can make managing Get a plan with complete a chronic health condition benefits, plus see the doctors easier and more affordable. you want without referrals. $0 PLAN PREMIUM A plan with no prescription coverage This plan is ideal for veterans or anyone eligible for Medicare who has drug coverage through another provider. See what plans are in your area Scan the QR code or call 1-800-439-9528 TTY 711! Questions? Call us. 1-800-439-9528 (TTY 711) 2

      Benefits you'll actually use With most Devoted Health plans, you get all the same medical coverage as Original Medicare, plus lots of money-saving extras. Here’s what you can expect. Save money with $0 benefits $ $ $ $ 0 0 0 0 Dental Routine labs Primary care Gym care in office visits membership 33

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      Get extras that cover the rest of your care Over-the-counter $0 vision exams Prescription drugs Money to spend on items Plus money for Starting at $0 like vitamins glasses or contacts Fitness Telehealth $0 hearing exams Money to spend on Virtual visits Plus low copays gym equipment and starting at $0 for hearing aids fitness classes Plus, service that makes using your plan easy With every plan, you get a direct link to our Guides, who are here to help you. 100% Based in the U.S. Answer the phone in Help with your 30 seconds or less* benefit questions *Based on internal call center data, 80% of calls are answered in 30 seconds or less. Wait time may vary throughout the year. Questions? Call us. 1-800-439-9528 (TTY 711) 4

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      Save big on dental care Here’s a reason to smile. All Devoted Health plans include FREE dental that usually includes 2 types of care. Preventive care Comprehensive care This includes the routine You could get thousands of cleanings you usually see your dollars each year to spend on dentist for twice a year. dentures, fillings, and more. You’re covered for hundreds of procedures • Oral exams • X-rays • Deep cleanings • Extractions • Bridges • Root canals • Routine cleanings • Fluoride treatments • Fillings • Dentures • Crowns • And more Check out all our covered dental services Or scan the QR code! 5

      Buy everyday items at no cost Most of our plans include an over-the-counter (OTC) allowance, good on hundreds of items. Check out our members’ favorite picks. • Toothpaste • Pain relief • Pill boxes • Toothbrushes • Chewable aspirin • Muscle rub • Floss and floss picks • Allergy medicine • Rubbing alcohol • Tissues • Cough drops • Compression socks • Lotion • Nasal decongestants • Contact solution • Vitamins • Heartburn medicine • Disposable gloves • Bandaids • Thermometers • Surgical masks • Sunscreen • First aid kits • And more See everything you can buy at Or scan the QR code! Questions? Call us. 1-800-439-9528 (TTY 711) 6

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      You're covered for hundreds of prescriptions With a Devoted Health plan, you can rest easy knowing you can get a wide variety of drugs, like the ones below. Low-cost insulin Respiratory drugs Lantus Trelegy Ellipta Tresiba Fluticasone/Salmeterol Diskus Basaglar (Advair Diskus) Admelog Advair HFA Fiasp Breo Ellipta Novolin Anoro Ellipta Diabetes medications Cardiovascular health Trulicity Rosuvastatin Jardiance Atorvastatin Januvia Losartan Ozempic Olmesartan Farxiga Valsartan Lisinopril Sexual Health Metoprolol Sildenafil (Viagra) Pravastatin Tadalafil (Cialis) Amlodipine View all our covered prescriptions Or scan the QR code! 1-800-439-9528 (TTY 711) 7 Questions? Call us.

      See if you qualify for extra healthcare savings Did you know there are plans and products that could help you save even more money on your healthcare costs? It’s true! Here are 3 popular ones. Extra Help Chronic health conditions Extra Help is a government If you have a chronic condition program. It could help you pay less like diabetes, a chronic special for prescription drugs, prescription needs plan (C-SNP) could help you drug deductibles, and monthly plan save money on specialist visits, premiums (if your plan has one!). prescriptions, and more. Medicaid coverage Have Medicaid? You can sign up for Call to see if you qualify a dual Medicare and Medicaid plan and learn more (D-SNP). These plans often give 1-800-439-9528 TTY 711 you more extras than Medicare or Medicaid alone. 8 Questions? Call us. 1-800-439-9528 (TTY 711) 8

      How to learn more about our plans When you’re ready, give us a call. There’s no obligation to sign up for a plan. We’re here to help. Here are 3 things we can do for you. Let you know how much you could save. 1 Our team of licensed agents will do the math for you. Have us check what you’ll pay for your prescriptions, specialists, and more. Check that your doctors are in our network. 2We can look up your doctors to make sure you can see who you want. (Pro tip: Our PPO plans let you see doctors without a referral — and some of our HMO plans do too!) Handle the paperwork. 3If you’re ready to join Devoted Health and have an eligible enrollment period, our team makes signing up a snap! We’ll fill out everything you need so you just have to wait for your plan to start. 99

      Helpful dates to remember Medicare has enrollment periods. These are set windows of time when you can sign up for a plan. 7 MONTHS Initial Election Period When you’re turning 65, you have a 7-month window to sign up for Medicare. The clock starts 3 months before the month you were born in and ends 3 months after your birthday month. OCTOBER 15 – DECEMBER 7 Annual Enrollment Period You can choose a new Medicare Advantage plan or switch back to Original Medicare for the next year. JANUARY 1 – MARCH 31 Open Enrollment Period You can change your Medicare Advantage plan or go back to Original Medicare. (You can change only once during this period.) YEAR-ROUND Special Enrollment Periods You can sign up only in specific situations, like if you recently moved, get Extra Help, or have Medicaid. Questions? Call us. 1-800-439-9528 (TTY 711) 10

      Monthly premiums starting at $0 PLUS, most plans include a complete set of money-saving benefits Primary care visits Over-the-counter allowance Specialist visits Vision and hearing Prescription drugs Gym membership Dental All-in-one service Call to learn more 1-800-439-9528 TTY 711 Enrollment may be limited to speci昀椀c times of the year unless you meet certain criteria, such as qualifying for a Special Election Period. Benefits and cost sharing may vary by plan. Dental coverage limitations may apply. Devoted Health is an HMO and/or PPO plan with a Medicare contract. Our D-SNPs also have contracts with State Medicaid programs. Enrollment in our plans depends on contract renewal. Devoted Health complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. ATENCIÓN: Si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-800-338-6833 (TTY 711). Y0142_24S301_M

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